LABBB One Source

LABBB one source is our extranet web site. It  is designed to host different database applications. It will allow us to collect data and share this data among LABBB computer users. It allows designated users to easily access the same database where ever one is located and at the same time it gives the organization the ability to control, maintain and streamline data.

District Referrals Database Application

The revised student referral application will allow all approved LABBB referrals administrators to enter referral and access this data when necessary. The application is setup to import or upload referrals files received from other Public school system. Tom Riley is the moderator of this application.

Connect to the Referrals Application

District Curriculum Share Database Application

The District Curriculum Share Database Application become the center application to share lessons plan in pdf format, video format and podcast. It allows users to share documents of all types in one database and be able to manage them individualy or by document group. Patric Barbieri will coordinate this effort with all  teachers and staff and he is also the moderator of this application.

Connect to the Curriculum Share Application
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